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Meet William – 2nd from Oldest | Full Time Kids RV


William is a January baby and I happened to be in the RV alone with him for a few minutes and got a little snippet of him so I thought, let’s go with William first! :0)

Some things you should know about William:

He is one of the most loving kids you are ever going to meet. He loves to hug people, help people and is super empathetic. He does not understand personal boundaries and when he was in public school they tested him and say he is autistic. While he has challenges, he is brilliant and will live a full life. It’s just his brain works a little different and we have to take some extra time with him which we don’t mind at all. 🙂

He has big plans for improving health and life expectancy so look out. He’s sure to make some major advancements in that area.

Make sure to give a shout out to William. He loves hearing the comments!

Jan 2018 he’s 10!


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