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Lake Whitney Dam | Putt Putt Golf | Day 46 Full Time RV


Lake Whitney is beautiful and the kids loved seeing the dam. They weren’t sure if they were allowed to say it or not because they were afraid it was a cuss word. lol

Putt putt golf was fun even though none of us are very good at it. lol, I think games are most fun when you’re really bad at them!

I was afraid one of the kids was going to fall off the side of the rocks. Goodness. lol We have some clumsies kids at sometimes so yes, you can hear me herding them in the video… hahah

Christian and Joseph wanted to show off their new sunglasses. Paw patrol and nerf! 😉

This is as close to being a cowgirl as I’m ever going to get… lol Well until we go to Santa Barbara to the ranch! :-O

Whitney Dam!

My cute little ham William. Rocking his new shades too. 😉



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