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FULLTIME Family RV TOUR: Thanksgiving On the Road


So, maybe I didn’t think it over when I decided to start out fulltime family RV tour right before Thanksgiving. I have to admit that having Thanksgiving on the road was a little rough for me since I love being with family so much.

On the other hand, we had a great meal at the Hidden Cove clubhouse with a bunch of strangers. lol When you have four kids, it isn’t as easy to have full conversations but I did meet a couple from the UK and a couple from Canada.

Our cat has been much more loving in this smaller space which I find a little strange, but I will take it. haha Usually Draco is a little standoffish but he’s been a cuddle bug. I guess it is because of the new environment.

I hope you’re enjoying the videos as I have been enjoying making them and documenting this time. My 9 year old asked me if this was going to be our forever home and I have no idea. lol

The Uncertainty of Being on the Road VS Home Ownership

With my personality, I am usually more of a certainty person that wouldn’t do something like a fulltime rv family tour and having Thanksgiving on the road. I want to make sure that everything is going to go just so but then on the other hand if I feel like I am living groundhogs day I start getting depressed. lol So we made a decision and hit the open road and it is super interesting.

When they say that traveling changes you, they are right. Whoever they are. 🙂

Please comment and share any trips that you might have taken and enjoyed because I believe that it is better to take a chance and fall than to be so worried that you never do anything outside of your comfort zone. <3


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