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Cousin Reunion | Birthdays x 3 | Killeen Texas | Day 47 Full Time RV


One of the things that can be difficult about being on the road is not seeing family and friends for a while. 47 days on the road and we didn’t see a soul we knew in person until day 47. :0)

It was awesome to see Joe’s cousins and since we’ve been married almost 11 years, they are definitely my cousins too. lol Between the 2 cousins they have 5 girls and we have 4 boys.

Hope you enjoy the video and… Joe isn’t getting the mountain man beard… lol

Christian is turning 6 soon, William is turning 10 soon and Bobby… well, we won’t tell how old Bobby is going to be. lol 🙂

We were running around watching kids so we didn’t get too many pics but here are a few we got. ;0)


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